Chaos-studio is a full service design studio based in Shanghai, China. Since 2002 we have been providing innovative design, print and web services to a variety of clients around the world. Our clients include global luxury brands, multinational corporations, local industry leaders and non-profit organizations. We care about our clients and their businesses. With a team of talented designers, production experts, and high-tech web developers we are committed to delivering premier service at competitive prices. Chaos-studio is the only design studio in Shanghai to have its own vertically integrated design, digital pre-press and wholly owned print factory. Our streamlined system allows us to offer end-to-end service. Having one design firm that can manage all their creative projects ensures brand consistency and simplifies vendor management for our clients.上海淮海中路1200弄25号 * 邮编: 200031 block 25, 1200 huaihai middle road * shanghai, china 200031 ph: (86.21) 5403 1381 * fx: (86.21) 5403 4409 * em: Chaos-studio provides a full range of creative services – from branding, concept development and art direction, to logo design, illustration, page layout, and anything in between. We have helped several companies establish their visual identities and grow their brands in China. And we provide exclusive localization services to a number of luxury brands – adapting their international communications and campaigns to the China market. Chaos-studio has a unique structure that simplifies the design and production process. By connecting our clients with a dedicated designer as their main point of contact, they have direct access to the person working on their project. This way the designer is able to familiarize themselves with the brand standards, better understand the client’s needs, make any changes or corrections in real time, and provide cohesive and consistent design across projects.With our pre-press department and production coordinator just steps away, we can proof, schedule print time and address any potential problems early on, allowing us to reduce client approval time, minimize rework, get up-to-the-minute status reports, and provide faster turnaround. Chaos-studio designs and develops professional websites and mobile platforms for clients across a wide range of industries – from small businesses and start-ups, to large corporations and ecommerce sites. We are dedicated to creating custom websites tailored to our clients’ business needs.Chaos-studio incorporates elements of branding, interface and usability design, color and typography, and information architecture and content to create an engaging online presence for our clients. We follow industry best practices to ensure our sites are responsive, user friendly, load quickly, and index properly on search engines. With well-executed design and the latest tools and technology, we build digital experiences that work as good as they look – with every click, touch or swipe.Chaos-studio was among the first to adopt digital pre-press in Shanghai and in 2009 we became one of the first internationally certified digital pre-press service providers in China. Our clients – some of the first brands to shift from traditional to digital pre-press – include: Hearst Media, Vogue, Self, LVMH, Chanel, and Estee Lauder. With a decidated on-site team of color and pre-press experts, the latest technology, international calibration standards, systematic quality control, and fast, secure transfer protocols we are able to dramatically reduce approval time, minimize rework, and meet the exacting standards of our clients. We successfully deliver thousands of pages every month.In 2006 Chaos-Studio acquired our own state-of-the-art printing and production facilities. We provide high quality specialty print services to a range of clients both local and international. From simple brochures and flyers, to books and complete packaging systems, we have the experience and expertise to produce a wide variety of products.The Chaos-Studio production plant is located just 40 minutes outside of Shanghai city center, giving us easy access to the entire production process that enables us to monitor every stage of a project and ensure accurate door-to-door delivery times.Our integrated digital pre-press, electronic imposition, and direct-to-plate technology accelerates the production process. All our digital equipment and printers are calibrated to meet international standards – from design files, proofs and samples to ink on paper – we guarantee color consistency and that the final product looks and feels as it was intended.A customer centric approach and dedication to quality, along with continuous innovation, excellent service standards, and competitive pricing have made us a premier service provider in China.